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Coach Hamdan

Those who know how to think need no teacher - mahatma ghandi

Specialized in in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by coping with the issues that are causing them anxiety and stress.

Coach Hamdan

My coaching is designed to help you break free from the things preventing you from reaching your full potential, whether they be your own limiting thoughts and beliefs or a lack of deeper meaning and purpose in your life. In time, you will feel empowered enough to overcome all these barriers and take full control of your life. I am a certified NLP practitioner, Time-Paradigm Practitioner, and Hypnotist.

I utilize a wide range of techniques in my coaching to provide both an integrated and scientific approach based on the latest studies in neural and behavioral science, such as Neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, meditation, quantum physics and life coaching models. 

Through my coaching, I can help you to tackle numerous issues, including relationship and career problems, unresolved trauma, fears and phobias, and breaking negative cycles and habits. I was trained and certified as an RSCI Master Coach by Robert Simic Coaching institute.



Life Coaching & Life Transformation

Tailored programs that are designed to resolve all perceived problems, eliminating stress & fear barriers, through mastered techniques & teachings, acquiring confidence & mastering your mind, leading ultimately to the ability of conquering your future & creating it in exactly the way you dream.

Choose from the following Coaching Programs: 

1. 1hour Session

2. Life Mastery Program consisting of 10 Sessions:
• Releasing emotional baggage including anxiety
• Installing desired beliefs
• Resolving internal conflict
• Installing Goals & Déjà vu’s

3. Life Mastery Program + 3 months maintenance after completing the program 



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What People say


Mahmoud Al Sagheer


“It’s Hamed’s way of calming a person and implicitly sending the powerful message that everything is fine. Whether it’s in his own calm, the roll of his eyes as he smiles, or that reassuring nod… he then utters a few words that blow up my mind with their depth and wisdom. And then I find that this soul is also a creative artist…as if he needed to be any more spiritual and insightful.”


Mikael Lornstam - CEO

Elite Coaching

“I have learned to know Hammi as a caring and compassionate man, who cares for others wellbeing. His own life experience and education have created a firm foundation that anyone with a need to make some profound changes can benefit from. I strongly support Hammi and his efforts to help as many as possible.”


Tarek Haddad

Life Coaching

“You have awesome personality man, the kind people got to feel they know you before, very humble and you leave great impact in same time. For me I can feel the joyful kid inside you want to join the party with your young rational personality…..let it go….it will add too much to Hamdan the wonderful human…”

prottoy-hassan-283028-unsplash (Large)

Siham Berrached


“You are handsome, funny, full of wisdom and joy. We only has the chance to chat a couple of times, but our conversations were meaningful and deep.”

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 15.38.51


Life Coaching

“You are a pure soul my friend. You helped me be comfortable in my own skin. We had beautiful 10 days of our lives, at least for me… And I am sure we will cross our lanes anytime in future. Thank you so much.”




“HamDan, it was nothing but magical. Having the pleasure to get to know a great beautiful soul that was watching us all from the back and having the great experiences doing some hypnosis excersizes and other techniques. You are professional in your dealings as a coach and can only see a great story and bright future ahead of you brother. Hope to catch up and meet up soon.”


Troy McTeer

Life Coaching

“Hamdan is very intuitive and made me feel at peace and at ease throughout every session. His calm nature and his ability to easily find the truth behind the masks I had used my whole life was profound. He guided me through clarifying my challenges, releasing negative emotions and a life time of unwarranted limiting beliefs. This helped me unlock my deepest desires and gave me the confidence to follow my heart. He is an extraordinary human being and coach.”

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 15.35.50

Marie-Alex S


“With Hamdan’s guidance I was able to overcome the emotional burden that was haunting me. For the pas two years I was trying to overcome the incident through the traditional way, I was followed by a psychotherapist and under meds for depression. The future didn’t seem bright and the idea taking meds for years didn’t seems like the right choice. Hamdan guided me and we worked on the timeline to release emotions and on picturing the haunting incident to shift my feelings and internal representation about it. He sifted me to the other side quickly and easily. Today I’m in my most resourceful state as I’ve even been. Life is brighter, I’m reconnecting to people, eating the food and enjoying it’s taste. Knowing that there are a lot of people out there who goes through hard times makes me thankful to Hamdan for his wisdom, patience and dedication he shown throughout the coaching session.”


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